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  To develop a new generation of leaders who serve the world by inspiring ordinary people to produce extra-ordinary results.
  Powerful Methods Inc. Your partner for organizational development to achieve:
  1. Higher value creation from the same
  2. Greater operational efficiencies
  3. Improved competitive advantage.
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The modern philosophy emerging from science - offers proven practical tools and techniques for organizational growth with stability.
Our Product Lines:
Systems-Thinking Executive Development Programs ®
Business education programs, customized to your requirements, develop your Human Capital at the executive level to formulate rational strategic initiatives and to implement these successfully. Consulting and coaching support are available to program participants as they implement organizational change initiatives for improving performance. For an overview of these programs,
see the video: Your Organization's Potentials
Public Speaking Engagements
The emerging possibilities of organizational development expand the horizons of all executives. Presentations on these possibilities also help comunicate the value of change initiatives to all levels of the organizations. Such presentations are also of great value to academic institutions. These presentations can be scheduled three months in advance. For a sample presentation, see the video: Systems-Thinking Presentation
Productivity & Sustainability
Organizational research services for identifying opportunities for performance improvements. These research projects are integrative studies that address organizational performance from multiple disciplines, such as economic conditions, business decisions, leadership, organizational culture, and communication. See the video: Value Creation & Optimization
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