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How Well Is Your Organization Performing?

The purpose of this assessment is to identify the most critical skills executives need for crafting and implementing better Strategic Initiatives. The questions are designed to highlight how best to invest in your organization’s future. It helps identify how best to develop your executives so they can:

  • Identify the highest priority Strategic Initiatives to follow,
  • Make informed rational decisions on crafting each initiative, and
  • Successfully implement them.

The most important asset of your organization is its Human Capital: the only predictor of its future performance. How well your executives craft and implement Strategic Initiatives, determines how well they deploy the organization’s Tangible and Intangible Assets. With the right skill sets, your executives can grow the organization, improve its performance, and fulfill its Mission, while securing and expanding its future potentials.

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Which Strategic Initiatives your organization implemented in the last two years (Examples: Cross-Functional Projects, New Market Expansion, New Product Launch, Merger/Acquisition, Facilities Expansion, others)?

How many of the Initiatives met the objectives that were set for them?

How many actually increased the organization's Profitability/Output and the Return On Equity (ROE)?

Based on the results, which of the following skills would have enabled your executives to better craft and implement Strategic Initiatives?

 Group Decision-Making Leadership Learning from Previous Experiences Building/Maintaining Productive Relationships Planning Cross-Functional Projects Managing a Diverse Group Effective Communication Cross-Cultural Sensitivity Methodic Process for Situation Analysis Creating a Productive Culture Designing an Effective Incentive System Motivating and Directing the Sales Force