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Systems-Thinking Executive Development Programs®

Leadership Development:

  • Build a Learning Organization: Creative, Profitable, Self-Regulating, and Resilient.
  • Create a Productive Organizational Culture: Individual Excellence for Team Accomplishments.
  • Lead others, even those who do not report to you.
  • Bring others together, to Learn from a Shared Experience.
  • Bring others together, to make Rational Decisions as a Team.
  • Persuade and Motivate others
  • Build Productive Relationships for the Long Term.
  • Build, Maintain, and Lead multi-disciplinary Teams with members of Diverse Cultural Backgrounds

Customized business education programs — instructor-led and workshops on topics such as:

  • Group Decision-Making
  • Group Learning Leadership
  • International Leadership
  • Group Management
  • Sales Team Management
  • Organizational Design
  • Incentive System Design